02 Apr

 Social media is a rapidly expanding term used to describe the way people interact with one another on the internet. Today it covers a broad range of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, and YouTube. Social media refers to any sites that allow its users to create and share user-generated content. The most common examples of social media sites are Twitter and Facebook. Unlike traditional marketing methods which rely on mass media outlets such as newspapers, radio and TV, social media allows businesses and brands to market directly to their target audience. While the terms digital advertising and e-marketing are now mainstream in academic circles, social media marketing remains a hot topic for researchers and practitioners alike. This is because the influence of this new medium is still relatively untapped. In fact, many social media marketing managers believe that the potential to influence consumers is even greater than that of traditional marketing methods. This belief has made social media marketing a significant force in the global economy. One of the main questions posed by social media marketing managers of the DC Digital Marketing Agencyis how to create a strategy that is specific to each platform. For example, an individual can post a status update on Facebook regarding the current trends in the stock market. However, they may not want to make a similar status update regarding the latest trends in food preparation. If the market requires more than one status update, it is important to determine what types of information provide the most insight into a brand's customers' needs. Therefore, instead of creating a general strategy for all platforms, a social media marketing manager should focus on a specific segment of the market. When searching for a successful social media marketing manager, it is important to find someone with experience in the digital marketing field. Many social media marketing managers focus only on SEO strategies and search engine optimization. Although these are important components of this type of marketing, there are other aspects of this industry that must be considered as well. The success of a brand depends largely on its ability to develop and execute a comprehensive strategy. Therefore, a social media management company should consider engaging the various departments that compose the organization to help them understand their customer's needs and objectives. These departments include the design department, the creative team, the usability team and the tracking and testing teams. All of these departments play an important role in building a meaningful strategy, but the analytics aspect of this strategy is critical. Analytics is an important part of the decision-making process for every business. Therefore, it should be highly regarded by every social media management company or the web design by Dupont creative. Effective analytics allows a brand to understand where and how their website is performing against their competitors and how they can improve their website and strategies. Without an effective analytics strategy, a brand may end up making mistakes that could cost them time and money as well as potential brand credibility.

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